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Discover reiki

with House of jiriki


Reiki and Sound Bowl

Come and discover Reiki with Jane, the founder of the brand, who will show you how to activate, feel, and protect your energy. Learn some self-healing techniques to raise your energetic frequency and transmit this energy to others. The workshop will end with a guided and relaxing meditation session, especially with the help of sound bowls and Reiki energy.

This well-being experience was created to be 100% relaxed and connected with your energy, to reduce fatigue, get rid of stress, and negative thoughts.

Private Wellness Sessions: Energy Healing, Sound Bowls & Meditation

These energy healing sessions are offered by House of Jiriki, a London-based wellness brand, in collaboration with Alaya Pilates studio in Luxembourg on April 1st (multiple time slots available).

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice that uses precise techniques to transmit this energy to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

This private session was created to realign the energetic flow of each chakra in the body by transmitting a vibrational experience from the crown chakra to the root chakra. In addition to using Reiki, Jane offers a multi-sensory experience with sound bowls, meditation, aromatherapy, and the enchanting fragrance of palo santo, incense, and sage. An oracle card reading will be offered to conclude the session and guide you.

This experience promises you an intense moment of relaxation to help you on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, in order to promote a state of well-being and deep inner peace.

These sessions are also available in French.

Each session lasts 50 minutes.

Wear comfortable clothing.

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