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The Studio

Two rooms equipped with reformers. We limit the number of participants in order to guarantee the comfort and pleasure of our members.

Our Trainers

A team at your service. Don't hesitate to alternate trainer when booking your private lessons.

All our teachers are graduates of prestigious Pilates institutions.

Courses are generally taught by the same professors, although occasionally there may be rotations, especially during holiday periods.


Anne Cadieu Garampon

Graduate of the Pilates Institute of Geneva

Languages : French & English

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Olesya Chernaya

Graduate of CIS Milano

Languages : Russian, Italian & English

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The Pilates method

The Pilates method bears the name of its founder, Joseph Hubertus Pilates.

Because he suffered from fledging health as a child, he pursued all his life the goal of enhancing his physical condition. He perfected a series of exercises aiming at strengthening his muscles with the view to diminish his natural imbalances and enhance his posture.

These exercises do not increase muscle mass but strengthen weaker muscles and release or soothe tensed muscles. One's figure becomes more relaxed and at ease, joints are easier to work, deep abdominals muscles become more tonic, back muscles are being strengthened.

This being said, Pilates is not just gymnastics. The approach is different, coupling the deep understanding of muscular effort with the full consciousness of one's body and feels.

All exercises are executed with extreme control, precision, ease and calm. Efforts are not repeated too many times because they request a very intense effort in terms of resistance and stability. These exercises require complete awareness and a very intense mental concentration. The understanding of these exercises by the students makes them realize and feel the exact muscular implication of Pilates exercises, hence increasing their body consciousness to new levels. Mind over body is the motto.

Pilates feeds on gymnastics, dance, martial arts and yoga, all of which the founder of the method practised in earnest, but Joseph Hubertus Pilates created with his method a new repertoire of more than 500 specific exercises which makes it unique.

Pilates is being practised on the floor, with or without dedicated accessories (balls, circles, rollers etc) or on dedicated machines created by the founder of the discipline (reformer, cadillac, chairs...)

These machines are fitted with springs presenting various resistances against which the practitioner's muscles will fight. Thanks to these springs, muscles will work in a linear fashion experiencing gradual resistance. This is why muscles get nicely elongated and do not bulge as they do using weights. Machines are also comfortable, relaxing and fun: they do add to the pleasure of practicing Pilates.

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