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Pilates Alaya classes

Pilates Alaya Luxembourg offers a space dedicated to the Pilates method within the framework of private or semi-private classes (duo / trio), or group classes in small groups. All classes are given on the floor on mats or machines. For individual classes, this choice is made according to the client's objectives and potential.
We also offer group courses dedicated to women before and after childbirth: pregnancy courses.

To fully benefit from the advantages of this method, you should practice it regularly once or twice a week.

Mat classes

They can be enhanced with accessories or equipment such as balloons (soft or swiss balls), circles or toning balls.

Reformer classes

During various exercises, either calm or dynamic, you will put your focus on flexibility, mobility and body strength. The Reformer allows the full range of movement to improve body alignment and strengthen the body's concentric and eccentric musculature.

Private and semi private classes

Private lessons are ideal if you want a work of pure precision and efficiency adapted to your needs.

They offer an excellent way to continue rehabilitation work, especially after back, hip, shoulder or knee problems.

Group classes 

Basic exercises are practised and variations are proposed with the idea of making the exercise more challenging. These variations allow everyone to work according to their potential. It is essential to master and practice the basic exercises regularly in order to be able to move on to more complicated exercises without risk of injury.

Pregnancy classes

The fundamental exercises of the Pilates method are modified according to the stage of your pregnancy, your physical fitness and your state of health. They are practiced in a safe manner. The objectives are to maintain good posture despite changes in the body (relief of lower back pain), to train the muscles in preparation for childbirth, especially the pelvic floor muscles, and to recover more quickly after childbirth.


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Online classes

Online courses are available on the Instagram platform (apply for acceptance). They require basic Pilates practice to avoid the risk of injury. There is no supervision and correction during these classes.

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